Professional Service

Medical Law International, Editorial Board Member (2017- ).

Journal of Medical Ethics, Associate Editor. The JME is one of the leading international medical ethics journals  (2013-2016).

• Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Research Ethics Committee, Chair. Faculty research Ethics Officer and Chair of the FMD committee  (2014-2015).

UK Donation Ethics Committee, Member. The Committee an independent source of advice and guidance on ethical aspects of organ donation and transplantation (2012-2016).

• Medical Research Council Reference Group, Member. Reviewing of Human Tissue and Biological Samples for Use in Research: Operational and Ethical Guidelines (2013-2014). See final guidelines here.

Wellcome Trust Biomedical Ethics Interview Committee, Member. The Committee advises the Wellcome Trust on applications for research grant support after interviewing potential candidates (2010- 2014).

• North West e-Health Research Governance Committee, Vice-chair (2009-2013). NWeH is a health data repository. It uses its unique e-Lab platform technology to offer tools and expertise that directly support local healthcare and generate new healthcare knowledge. All requests for data analysis are reviewed by an independent governance board.

Nuffield Council Consultation Give and take? Human bodies in medicine and research. Submission made to the Council in response to their consultation paper (2010). Available here.

Human Fertilisation & Embryology Bill Strategy Group, Member. The HFE Bill Strategy Group was co-ordinated by the Progress Education Trust with participation and support from a variety of people including clinicians, scientists and Members of Parliament. Its purpose was to enable organisations and experts with a common interest in the passage of the Bill to share insights, opinions and strategies, and to lobby Parliament in line with this. (2007-08).

See: HFE Bill. The final text of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 are available at: Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008

House of Lords Inquiry into the EU Commission’s Communication on organ donation and transplantation: policy actions at EU level. Memorandum submitted with Margaret Brazier. Prepared on behalf of core participants in the ESRC-sponsored Seminar Series: Transplantation and Organ Deficit in the UK: Pragmatic Solutions to Ethical Controversy (2007).

Undergraduate Medical Ethics Curriculum Review Committee, Member of Medical School committee to review medical ethics curriculum (2006).

Manuscript Reviewer – Bioethics; Journal of Medical Ethics; Medical Law Review; Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy; Human Fertility; SCRIPT-ed; PLoS Medicine; and Philosophy Compass.

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